HTTP triggers in Power Automate explained

Power Automate flows can be triggered with HTTP triggers and it will be useful in many scenarios. There are HTTP actions available inside a flow that can be used to get or post data to an external system, In the Azure Form recognizer example, we have used HTTP get request. Similarly, we have used HTTP triggers in the IQBot example. […]

How to read PDF files using Azure Form Recognizer

This is a continuation post, already we have shown how to read using AI builder. AI builder is also built on top of Azure OCR. There are some prerequisites to be done before using the Azure services. Azure works on pay as you go subscription model. If a user creates a new account, for 12 months they are offering a […]

How to get started with Power Platform Solutions: Canvas Apps

Deploying app from one environment to another environment is the most problematic area in SDLC. If development is not taken place in a well-organized setup then the deployment is not going to be that easy. Especially working in the SaaS, we need to follow the product standards to get the expected output. Solutions are the Power Platform way of transporting […]

How to Round (Up; Down) Decimal in Power Automate

Decimal numeric Round-off is a renowned Math operation, that will always be a necessity while working with numbers irrespective of its complexity. When it comes to Canvas app, we have multiple built-in methods available for Rounding a decimal namely Round, RoundDown and RoundUp. Round(Number, DecimalPlaces)RoundDown(Number, DecimalPlaces)RoundUp(Number, DecimalPlaces) We also have scenarios to Round-off the decimal values in Power Automate. But, to our surprise […]

How to consume Youtube API using Power Automate

Most of the organizations adopted youtube in their digital marketing space, So to view the analytics of how it is improvising the marketing and what type of content users like, can be consumed via Youtube API. Google offers free analytics tools but here we have to show the data in Power Platform. For that, we have to consume Youtube API […]