About Us

Certified Techie team, working years together with Microsoft Development Stacks.

Beginner in PowerApps? Want to level up your knowledge in Power Platform? Contact us for industry-level real-time project support and customized Power Platform courses.

At 365 Stack, we would like to connect with folks who is curious about, a sound technical expertise in the Microsoft 365 technologies. Finally, you have fallen into a right well that stacks volumized and reliable solutions for all your demands across the same.

We are influenced with the fact that “Knowledge shared is knowledge2“.

What We’re All About

Forthwith, we are growing into Remediation needs for Microsoft Power Platform Solutions ahead. We would also expand our solutions into Microsoft Stack development based on the exigency as in a longer go. This blog works in a way that, solutions fall in place as you demand.

Our Vision

We shower you with knowledge,

you decorate us with support,

together we grow.

And, we would love to hear from you too!

Our Mission

Gravitating towards a blogging culture, that’s enriched with solutioning all the challenges encountered in coding Microsoft 365 tools.

Sooner, we would be open for anyone to become a blogger within the same, for those who stayed hesitant all years.

As you would also be invited to post contents in 365Stack.in.

Keep in touch!

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