How to integrate Power BI charts in the Canvas app

Power BI is a visualization software available under the umbrella of Power Platform. It accepts data from a wide variety of data sources and the created chart can be integrated with Canvas Apps. “Power BI Tile” is a control available in charts option in the top ribbon bar. We assume that the user already knows Power BI terminologies and already […]

How to get started with Power Platform Solutions: Canvas Apps

Deploying app from one environment to another environment is the most problematic area in SDLC. If development is not taken place in a well-organized setup then the deployment is not going to be that easy. Especially working in the SaaS, we need to follow the product standards to get the expected output. Solutions are the Power Platform way of transporting […]

How to add check box grouping in Canvas App

Those who worked in SharePoint will be familiar with checkbox grouping because the “choice column” in SharePoint allows the Checkboxes option. It will be similar in SharePoint aligned BPM tools like Nintex and K2. Most of the BPM tools like Pega and even in Power Platform do not provide this checkbox grouping option and it should be handled manually. As […]

How to send JSON data to Canvas Apps

We’re going to explain how to send a JSON response from Power Automate to Canvas app and how to convert the response into Collection format in Canvas app. To illustrate, we have explained a small app as example. As First step, create a new Instant flow that can be triggered from canvas application and that sends specific columns to canvas […]

Build Interactive Map Control On Canvas App

Step1: Enable Geospatial service.  Admin Center –> Environments –>”Your Environment” –>Settings –>Features Step2: Adding Map control into screen Step3: Here my backend database is Dataverse. Table Name: Account Collection Used: colAccountData, colRouteCollection Usage: colAccountData : To collect all the account address from Account Table. colRouteCollection: To collect account address which will be used to show routing information. Step 4: Here […]

How to Export & Import Canvas Apps

Deploying artifacts from one environment to another is an integral part of application life cycle management. If the development is carried out in solutions (which is the recommended way) all the flows and apps can be exported and imported in one installment. Previously we saw how to import flows individually, In this post we will see how to export and […]

How to create Nested Gallery in Power Apps

Let’s try to build a PowerApps’s Nested gallery view using GroupBy function to achieve the Grouping functionality of SharePoint List We have used below sample data in Collection as a data source for the galleries used in this Nested Gallery Application and we can also use any data source to feed the data to gallery. Create the above collection with […]

Add repeating section in PowerApps

As we already discussed, Gallery is a multipurpose control in the canvas app. One of the use-cases of gallery is the repeating section, this scenario will be applicable between Parent-Child relationships in Lists or tables and if the form is converted from Nintex, InfoPath (OOTB repeating section control available there) to PowerApps then this post will be useful. With the […]

How to add SVG icons/image in PowerApps

Icons are a way to show richness in User Interface, Even though Canvas apps provide a handful of icons they might not be suitable for some of the scenarios. In such cases, we can use SVG icons or if the UI needs to be improvised across the app SVG icons can be used. SVG images are scalable, do not take […]