How to read PDF files using AI Builder

Reading from PDF files is a common requirement in business applications. For eg: Reading the Invoice report from the sales team. Currently, even though the process is digitalized but the data collected from the user as receipt or feedback is in paper format it should be entered manually in the App, to fill this gap app should read the pdf […]

How to Print Scrollable Screen to PDF in PowerApps

One of the common requirements in any application is to print the data either to save the form as PDF or print the form. PowerApps provides Print() function to print the screen in a printable format, but the limitation is the screen height cannot be greater than 2164px. If a Scrollable screen is used for displaying a very large form […]

A Complete Guide to Power Platform Pricing

Power Platform is a great platform to automate a business process within the organization, it offers a plethora of features that can be leveraged to minimize the development cycle. Power Platform software is extended from Azure features and services. For Eg: Dataverse manages to store data with the help of Azure SQL, Azure Cosmos DB and Azure Blob Storage; AI […]