Notify Application’s Certificates & secrets – Power Automate

Notify in teams/outlook about Application’s Certificates & secrets using Power Automate.

  • Initialized variable of array type to store application data.
  • Add list applications and owners action from Azure AD app registration connector.
  • Loop each value listed down from the list applications and owner action. Here the value is referred from dynamic content.
  • Now add nested for loop to iterate each client secrets available under each applications, where passwordCredential will return all the client secret details in an array structure.

  • I’ve added condition to get the client secrets which is already expired. Here endDate is referred from previous passwordCredential loop.
  • Inside true condition we are appending the client secret value(Display Name, End Date, App Name and Type) into the AppData(array variable).
  • Follow the same step to loop certificate details. Replace passwordCredential reference with keyCredentials to loop the certificates.
  • Now, we have the all the expired data in AppData variable. Using this we are going to construct HTML table.
  • Then add teams/outlook action to notify the users. And include the HTML reference in the message body.
  • Finally, you will get notified with teams/outlook message.

Happy Building… 🙂


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