How to send JSON data to Canvas Apps

We’re going to explain how to send a JSON response from Power Automate to Canvas app and how to convert the response into Collection format in Canvas app. To illustrate, we have explained a small app as example. As First step, create a new Instant flow that can be triggered from canvas application and that sends specific columns to canvas […]

How to style HTML table in Power Automate

In Power Automate, we use Create HTML Table action to create a dynamic table but this action lacks formatting/styling options. In this post we’re going to see formatting the table created by power automate using CSS. Here is the sample example of Create HTML table’s output and it does not have any table styling. Power Automate generates HTML code that […]

How to Export & Import Power Automate flows

Deploying artifacts from one environment to another is an integral part of application life cycle management. If the development is carried out in solutions (which is the recommended way) all the flows and apps can be exported and imported in one installment. In some cases like Sharepoint form customization, the app will be created in the default environment and for […]

How to read CSV file using Power Automate

We will see how to read CSV files using Power Automate and already a post is published to create a CSV file using power automate. This is one of the mandatory use cases in the Office 365 environment, either we will get the data from Email or from an external application or to read the data from a specified location. […]

How to create CSV file in Power Automate

Export to CSV is one of the common requirements in any application. But in this example, we are not going to show the procedure from the app that will be shared in a separate post. Here we are getting the data from Power Automate itself to support a large set of data. Manual flow is used in this example In […]

How to add Microsoft Forms responses to database

Add Microsoft Forms responses to databases using power automate will help any person/organization to do advanced data analytics on the responses. We can add responses to list or table using Power Automate in two different ways and create your survey using Microsoft Form as a first step. Method 1: After creating the survey using Microsoft Form, create a new ‘Automated […]

How to track the changes in Office 365 outlook events

We may need to update calendar events details such as attendees, event details and etc. after the events created and those updates need to be tracked. We use SharePoint list and Power Automate to the automate this process. Prerequisite: We use SharePoint list to submit requests to create events in Office 365 outlook calendars/shared calendars. Create a new SP list […]