How to create Nested Gallery in Power Apps

Let’s try to build a PowerApps’s Nested gallery view using GroupBy function to achieve the Grouping functionality of SharePoint List We have used below sample data in Collection as a data source for the galleries used in this Nested Gallery Application and we can also use any data source to feed the data to gallery. Create the above collection with […]

Add repeating section in PowerApps

As we already discussed, Gallery is a multipurpose control in the canvas app. One of the use-cases of gallery is the repeating section, this scenario will be applicable between Parent-Child relationships in Lists or tables and if the form is converted from Nintex, InfoPath (OOTB repeating section control available there) to PowerApps then this post will be useful. With the […]

How to add Microsoft Forms responses to database

Add Microsoft Forms responses to databases using power automate will help any person/organization to do advanced data analytics on the responses. We can add responses to list or table using Power Automate in two different ways and create your survey using Microsoft Form as a first step. Method 1: After creating the survey using Microsoft Form, create a new ‘Automated […]

How to add SVG icons/image in PowerApps

Icons are a way to show richness in User Interface, Even though Canvas apps provide a handful of icons they might not be suitable for some of the scenarios. In such cases, we can use SVG icons or if the UI needs to be improvised across the app SVG icons can be used. SVG images are scalable, do not take […]

How to track the changes in Office 365 outlook events

We may need to update calendar events details such as attendees, event details and etc. after the events created and those updates need to be tracked. We use SharePoint list and Power Automate to the automate this process. Prerequisite: We use SharePoint list to submit requests to create events in Office 365 outlook calendars/shared calendars. Create a new SP list […]

How to create custom attachment control in PowerApps

Attaching a file along with the form is a common requirement, By default PowerApps does not provide any attachment control. But if the SharePoint list is added as a datasource automatically the attachment control will be generated along with the controls. But if multiple attachment control has to be shown in multiple places or Dataverse is used as a table […]