How to create Power BI Charts

Power BI is a visualization software available under the umbrella of Power Platform. It accepts data from a wide variety of data sources and the chart can be embedded into other Microsoft products or any Web apps. This post is for beginners who started out their journey in Power BI. Navigate to Power BI site, it is the landing page […]

How to read PDF files using Azure Form Recognizer

This is a continuation post, already we have shown how to read using AI builder. AI builder is also built on top of Azure OCR. There are some prerequisites to be done before using the Azure services. Azure works on pay as you go subscription model. If a user creates a new account, for 12 months they are offering a […]

How to add check box grouping in Canvas App

Those who worked in SharePoint will be familiar with checkbox grouping because the “choice column” in SharePoint allows the Checkboxes option. It will be similar in SharePoint aligned BPM tools like Nintex and K2. Most of the BPM tools like Pega and even in Power Platform do not provide this checkbox grouping option and it should be handled manually. As […]

How to Export & Import Power Automate flows

Deploying artifacts from one environment to another is an integral part of application life cycle management. If the development is carried out in solutions (which is the recommended way) all the flows and apps can be exported and imported in one installment. In some cases like Sharepoint form customization, the app will be created in the default environment and for […]

How to read CSV file using Power Automate

We will see how to read CSV files using Power Automate and already a post is published to create a CSV file using power automate. This is one of the mandatory use cases in the Office 365 environment, either we will get the data from Email or from an external application or to read the data from a specified location. […]

How to create CSV file in Power Automate

Export to CSV is one of the common requirements in any application. But in this example, we are not going to show the procedure from the app that will be shared in a separate post. Here we are getting the data from Power Automate itself to support a large set of data. Manual flow is used in this example In […]

Add repeating section in PowerApps

As we already discussed, Gallery is a multipurpose control in the canvas app. One of the use-cases of gallery is the repeating section, this scenario will be applicable between Parent-Child relationships in Lists or tables and if the form is converted from Nintex, InfoPath (OOTB repeating section control available there) to PowerApps then this post will be useful. With the […]

How to add Microsoft Forms responses to database

Add Microsoft Forms responses to databases using power automate will help any person/organization to do advanced data analytics on the responses. We can add responses to list or table using Power Automate in two different ways and create your survey using Microsoft Form as a first step. Method 1: After creating the survey using Microsoft Form, create a new ‘Automated […]