How to add check box grouping in Canvas App

Those who worked in SharePoint will be familiar with checkbox grouping because the “choice column” in SharePoint allows the Checkboxes option. It will be similar in SharePoint aligned BPM tools like Nintex and K2. Most of the BPM tools like Pega and even in Power Platform do not provide this checkbox grouping option and it should be handled manually. As […]

How to send JSON data to Canvas Apps

We’re going to explain how to send a JSON response from Power Automate to Canvas app and how to convert the response into Collection format in Canvas app. To illustrate, we have explained a small app as example. As First step, create a new Instant flow that can be triggered from canvas application and that sends specific columns to canvas […]

Add repeating section in PowerApps

As we already discussed, Gallery is a multipurpose control in the canvas app. One of the use-cases of gallery is the repeating section, this scenario will be applicable between Parent-Child relationships in Lists or tables and if the form is converted from Nintex, InfoPath (OOTB repeating section control available there) to PowerApps then this post will be useful. With the […]