How to read CSV file using Power Automate

We will see how to read CSV files using Power Automate and already a post is published to create a CSV file using power automate. This is one of the mandatory use cases in the Office 365 environment, either we will get the data from Email or from an external application or to read the data from a specified location. […]

How to create Nested Gallery in Power Apps

Let’s try to build a PowerApps’s Nested gallery view using GroupBy function to achieve the Grouping functionality of SharePoint List We have used below sample data in Collection as a data source for the galleries used in this Nested Gallery Application and we can also use any data source to feed the data to gallery. Create the above collection with […]

How to add Microsoft Forms responses to database

Add Microsoft Forms responses to databases using power automate will help any person/organization to do advanced data analytics on the responses. We can add responses to list or table using Power Automate in two different ways and create your survey using Microsoft Form as a first step. Method 1: After creating the survey using Microsoft Form, create a new ‘Automated […]