How to Round (Up; Down) Decimal in Power Automate

Decimal numeric Round-off is a renowned Math operation, that will always be a necessity while working with numbers irrespective of its complexity. When it comes to Canvas app, we have multiple built-in methods available for Rounding a decimal namely Round, RoundDown and RoundUp. Round(Number, DecimalPlaces)RoundDown(Number, DecimalPlaces)RoundUp(Number, DecimalPlaces) We also have scenarios to Round-off the decimal values in Power Automate. But, to our surprise […]

How to consume Youtube API using Power Automate

Most of the organizations adopted youtube in their digital marketing space, So to view the analytics of how it is improvising the marketing and what type of content users like, can be consumed via Youtube API. Google offers free analytics tools but here we have to show the data in Power Platform. For that, we have to consume Youtube API […]

How to add check box grouping in Canvas App

Those who worked in SharePoint will be familiar with checkbox grouping because the “choice column” in SharePoint allows the Checkboxes option. It will be similar in SharePoint aligned BPM tools like Nintex and K2. Most of the BPM tools like Pega and even in Power Platform do not provide this checkbox grouping option and it should be handled manually. As […]

How to send JSON data to Canvas Apps

We’re going to explain how to send a JSON response from Power Automate to Canvas app and how to convert the response into Collection format in Canvas app. To illustrate, we have explained a small app as example. As First step, create a new Instant flow that can be triggered from canvas application and that sends specific columns to canvas […]

Build Interactive Map Control On Canvas App

Step1: Enable Geospatial service.  Admin Center –> Environments –>”Your Environment” –>Settings –>Features Step2: Adding Map control into screen Step3: Here my backend database is Dataverse. Table Name: Account Collection Used: colAccountData, colRouteCollection Usage: colAccountData : To collect all the account address from Account Table. colRouteCollection: To collect account address which will be used to show routing information. Step 4: Here […]

How to style HTML table in Power Automate

In Power Automate, we use Create HTML Table action to create a dynamic table but this action lacks formatting/styling options. In this post we’re going to see formatting the table created by power automate using CSS. Here is the sample example of Create HTML table’s output and it does not have any table styling. Power Automate generates HTML code that […]

How to Export & Import Canvas Apps

Deploying artifacts from one environment to another is an integral part of application life cycle management. If the development is carried out in solutions (which is the recommended way) all the flows and apps can be exported and imported in one installment. Previously we saw how to import flows individually, In this post we will see how to export and […]